HVAC Condensers

Did you know? Dirty condenser coils reduce air flow through the system and create higher pressures at the compressor that can reduce the life span of the unit.


Joe has completed many home inspections for my clients and I consider him the best inspector I've worked with as a Realtor. Joe is very thorough in his work and leaves no stone unturned. Joe is the person I would call to inspect any property I wanted to purchase. Thank you Joe for being a great asset to my clients.


Joe, You are the most thorough inspector I have worked with. The only reason I would use another inspector is if you got out of the business or died.


I recommend Joe to all of my clients buying a home. He is good with clients and helps them understand the issues in the report without scaring them (unless it is necessary). I have had experience with a lot of inspectors and I have never gotten a legitimate complaint about Joe. I truly believe that all of my clients would use him again and also refer him out to their friends as well.


Joe, I wanted to thank you for the inspection you did on Tuesday. My client was very impressed and commented on how professional the report was. I just thought I would forward the good word! Thanks again!


Thank You Joe for all of your hard work! I appreciate the effort and thoroughness that you provide. It is obvious that you take pride in your reputation. I would not have any problems recommending you to others.


Buying a home is the biggest investment I'll ever make, and Joe's thoroughness made me feel a lot more secure about the money I was about to spend. I've had other homes inspected and it's taught me how thorough that job needs to be. Joe combed over the house and when he was done, I had an instant binder filled with digital photos describing just what he had found.  Then we sat down for a full explanation where I could take notes and ask all the questions I needed to ask.  Don't be in a hurry, because Joe takes his time, and you'll be glad of it.